Thematic scope


Thanks to the fair being organized in conjunction with ITM Industry Europe, it is possible to showcase products and capabilities of the logistics, transport and warehousing industry to an international audience. The event will feature solutions conforming to the concept of logistics 4.0 which assumes automation of processes, self-control and quick adaptation to changing conditions.


  1. Internal Transport Technologies
    1. Conveyor systems
    2. Components of power transmission, hydraulics and pneumatics
    3. Robots
    4. Cranes, hoists, industrial manipulators, robots
    5. Driverless transport systems
    6. Manual transport devices
    7. Forklifts, industrial trucks
  2. Storage, order picking and warehouse management systems
    1. Warehousing systems, shelving systems, shelving technology
    2. Picking systems
    3. Industrial doors and industrial gates
    4. Loading technology
    5. Pallets, bins and containers
    6. Cleaning equipment
    7. Storage and floor-marking systems
  3. Warehouse equipment - others
    1. Packaging and identification systems
    2. Digital and laser technology for labeling
    3. Label and identification elements with equipment
    4. Labeling systems
    5. Warehouse coding systems
    6. Packaging technology
  4. Software, IoT
    1. Software and IT solutions for intralogistics and transportation logistics
    2. Process automation systems for intralogistics and transportation logistics
    3. Identification technology, AUTO ID systems, sensors for intralogistics
  5. Logistics and intralogistics services
    1. Contract logistics, fulfillment
    2. Logistics properties, real estate brokerage
  6. Logistics consultancy
    1. Intermodal transport
    2. Transportation services
  7. Associations, universities, media
  8. Others