An in-depth look at logistics at the Modernlog fair


The deficit of employees, the growing needs of target customers, the efficiency of drivers in supply chains or the reduction of CO2 emissions are not only one of the most pressing challenges facing the logistics industry, but also the issue of a new point on the agenda of the Modernlog fair, i.e. the LOG-INSIGHT expert meeting, which will start on 31 May on MTP Poznań Expo fairgrounds.

We are approaching the next edition of the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage which will take place from 31 May to 3 June 2022 in Poznań. This event attracts exhibitors from Poland and abroad every year, becoming one of the most important in the logistics industry in our country. The programme traditionally includes live machine shows in the Inf4Log zone, organised together with the Medialog publishing house, as well as a two-day Smart Warehouse conference (1-2 June), devoted to the aspects of automation, robotisation and digitisation of warehouse work.

A novelty on the agenda of the fair is the LOG-INSIGHT expert meeting, which you will be able to take part in on the first day of the fair, i.e. on 31 May. Its issues reflect the daily struggles of logistics employees. Donata Hermann and Tomasz Miłosz (GIGLIKE, PSML) will comment on the recently troublesome staffing problems.

– There will be a gradual decline in working-age workers, which means that tax revenues will be lower and expenditure on pensions will be higher. Employers who want to remain significant players not only in business, but also in the labour market, must open up to the upcoming changes – comments Donata Hermann (GIGLIKE).  – It is worth analysing the market, observing introduced innovations and new products, and reacting on an ongoing basis. What you should focus on is adjusting your development plans to trends that shape the labour market. Companies must learn openness, adaptability and, above all, flexibility in undertaking cooperation.

Teodor Kula (Done Deliveries, PSML) and Bartosz Baca (BBSG, PSML) will talk about the design and implementation of modern digital solutions focused on customer needs. They will share their many years of experience and practical tips.

Drivers in the supply chain and climate change

The second part of the LOG-INSIGHT meeting will open with an expert debate on Whether the driver adds value to the supply chain. The leaders, Mateusz Boruta (ECR Polska) and the lecturers Jarosław Maciążek (EPAL), Jakub Zając, Rafał Kukutko (Raben Logistics Polska) and Dariusz Krasoń (Carlsberg Polska) will answer together the following questions: how to deal with the growing gap in the availability of drivers, how increase to the efficiency of their work and the entire transport, and whether automation as well as autonomous transport can be a solution to the HR problem.

– Personnel challenges, sudden increases in the prices of fuel, energy and many other raw materials force us to change the way we operate. Today, entrepreneurs are looking for any possibilities to unlock the efficiency of supply chains, which is not easy, but the pressure of macroeconomic and geopolitical circumstances is enormous – says Mateusz Boruta (ECR Polska). – On 31 May during LOG-INSIGHT, we will talk and see examples of how to systematically solve the problem of the lack of drivers, how to increase the efficiency of transport and other logistics operations, and that despite all these complications, we must not forget about pro-climate measures and that it is worth limiting CO2 emissions to the benefit of business development.

Climate threads will also be included in the LOG-INSIGHT agenda. Paweł Brzeziński (ECR Polska) and the guests (including Zbigniew Chęciński, Auchan Retail Polska)  will show how to reconcile in practice the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with cost pressure, decarbonisation with limiting the consumption of fossil fuels, economy with ecology – or how to be Lean&Green. You can learn more about green logistics here.

The LOG-INSIGHT meeting (31 May) is free of charge for participants of the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, which is held in the company of ITM Industry Europe, the Subcontracting Industry Cooperation Fair and the Focast Foundry Forum. The meeting agenda is available here: