Automation and digitisation, drivers of Modernlog 2020


Logistics 4.0 - this is the motto for the forthcoming, fourth edition of Modernlog. The latest trends in the industry are based on digitization and automation of processes. They are keys to increase the efficiency of a warehouse, distribution center or production hall. What solutions to opt for? What will work best in a particular company? Find out more about it 3-6 November 2020 in Poznań.

The Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage will traditionally be held during one of the most important industrial meetings in this part of Europe - ITM Industry Europe. Thanks to this synergy, the large-scale industry is closely connected to bold and modern solutions in logistics.


-Modernlog 2020 will be divided into thematic sections: warehouse of tomorrow, modern transport systems, solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel, software/IoT, but we are also talking with partners about extending the scope of the trade fair to include the offerings for professional warehouse space. Due to the challenges faced by the logistics sector and the development of modern sales channels, we would like to offer the fair visitors that are thinking about investing in their warehouse space a possibility to get acquainted with a comprehensive overview, i.e. from choosing the right space in a specific location to appropriate equipment dedicated to specific needs-says Mateusz Nowakowski, Director of Modernlog.

Certainly, June will see plenty of topics in the field of digitization and automation, as there is no turning back from those in the field of intra-logistics, and the dynamically changing macro-economical conditions may accelerate the process even more. Thanks to investments in digitization, the operations of warehouses is more cost-effective, which translates into financial results and market position. Although adapting companies to the logistics 4.0 standards is hard and challenging, it is a necessary process indeed.

Good prospects for warehouses

The nearest future of the warehousing market in Poland looks very optimistic.

- Poland has the potential to double its warehousing capacity in the coming years, as this will have to be adjusted to a specific customer. At Modernlog, we will show you some solutions that will enable you to design such a warehouse most efficiently. According to the analysis of JLL, last year's demand for warehouse space reached 3.7 million square metres; and renewable contracts aside, this result amounts to 2.9 million square metres. The dynamic development of the Polish warehousing sector is still reflected in high activity in the development sector. More than 1.1 million m² were delivered in the first two quarters of 2019, which was the highest result recorded in the first half of the year in the history of the sector. The total warehouse space in Poland reached 16.9 million m². In 2018 a record value of EUR 1.84 billion was recorded for warehouse investments. We observe a growing interest in automation of logistic processes, which is why the offerings of the upcoming edition of Modernlog will certainly go in line with this trend - convinces Mateusz Nowakowski.

#Smart Warehouse - the power of practical knowledge

The #Smart Warehouse conference, where participants could learn how to increase the efficiency of their warehouses and get acquainted with specific implementation stories, was one of the most important events of the last edition of Modernlog.

-#Smart Warehouse - a new item on the agenda of Modernlog turned out to be a real hit. A large number of attendees and positive reviews prompted us to continue this event. We can assure you that we will engage in the discussion people who know about the new trends from the practical perspective, and not only the theory. They will share their knowledge and experience in the automation of logistics processes. What is important is that we will also give the audience time to ask questions and get individual advice. We have already invited leading companies and organizations operating within logistics 4.0 to cooperate on the project. We are working intensively on a detailed agenda for Smart Warehouse 2020, but it will certainly not lack current trends in automation and digitization. The digital era has already come, it is visible in modern logistics and you will be able to see it at Modernlog -adds Mateusz Nowakowski.

Innovations in Logistics

Crowds of people interested in modern warehousing equipment, the noise of machinery, interesting presentations - this is how to describe the In4Log Industry event in a few words.

The project has become a permanent feature of Modernlog. Each time the organizers invite companies whose equipment and implemented solution give answers to the questions of how to influence the efficiency, flow, delivery time and error-free dispatch, and how to use the machines and devices available on the market for this purpose. The good practices presented at the show become a real source of inspiration for the audience as they help develop a creative approach to their own internal logistics. The In4log Industry project is thus a perfect place to look at one’s equipment in a new way and unleash its potential by using the resources better. This will be the ninth edition of the event already.

Modernlog will be held 3-6 November 2020 at the Poznań International Fair. At the same time, it will be possible to visit such exhibitions as ITM Industry Europe, Focast Foundry Forum, 3D Solutions and Subcontracting.