Elektro Returns by InPost


InPost introduces a new service, Elektro Returns, i.e. the return of used electrical and electronic equipment. In this way, you can ensure proper recycling or give a second life to unnecessary electronics in accordance with the idea of ​​"Zero Waste" and "Reuse". All you need to do is prepare the package, fill in the form, receive the code for free shipping, put it on the package and send it to one of over 15,000. Paczkomaty®, without any additional conditions and no additional fees.

In this way, you can give away laptops, computers, telephones, tablets, small household appliances, radios, audio, video, photographic equipment, power tools, electronic toys, and even drones or sports equipment. However, you cannot send batteries, light sources, medical or chemical waste and incomplete equipment. Detailed information can be found at:

The equipment goes to a professional company, where it is checked for efficiency and the possibility of re-use in part or in full. The equipment will be tested in accordance with EU standards for reuse (Directive 2012/19 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on waste electrical and electronic equipment). If the faults or defects allow the original function of the device to be maintained, and the costs of its service do not exceed the production costs, the product can be put back into circulation. If the equipment cannot be reused, it is transferred to professional waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment plants, thanks to which it is possible to recover more than 80% of the materials used in the construction of new devices.

Source: InPost