Gold fifteen - meet the winners!


Meet the winners of one of the most prestigious and recognizable fair awards in our country - the MTP Group Gold Medal. The competition appreciates innovation, ingenuity and modernity. The jury decided to award as many as thirteen Gold Medals to the products submitted by exhibitors at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE. In addition, these two prestigious awards will go to the companies presenting their offer at the Modernlog fair. What does it mean? Visitors to the block of industrial fairs will be able to assess live as many as fifteen "golden" products that will set trends in the industry in 2023. We publish the results.

The Gold Medal of Grupa MTP is awarded to products, services and solutions that are characterized by the highest quality of materials used, innovative solutions or those manufactured based on the highest-class technologies available on the market.


The intuitive KARDEX Pick Assistant


The intuitive KARDEX Pick Assistant creates a new working environment for the operator that enables natural and intuitive interaction with the machine without an additional display or keyboard. Virtual buttons appear where the operator expects them. This reduces the information overload of conventional screens. It also eliminates the need for unnatural movements such as changing the field of view from the display to the lifting position. Another advantage is the optimization of picking quality (fewer missed picks). The projector illuminates the position in the bins (also divided) with color and provides clear guidance to the operator. Unlike a laser pointer, the highlighted area is fully illuminated and clearly identifiable, and the operator will also be warned before picking the wrong item.

Synaptic platform

Instytut Studiów Programistycznych S.A.

The Synaptic platform is a central logistics system. Its operation covers all elements of the supply chain. It allows for comprehensive support for internal and external logistics processes, which are not optimally implemented by most record keeping systems. Synaptic is a WMS, MES, TMS, TOS, YMS, RMA, AMS and B2B class systems within one application, which allows you to create innovative logistics processes. The Synaptic platform allows you to look at processes in a holistic way, without unnecessary structural division into component areas. A holistic review of processes allows for efficient management of the entire supply chain of the company.




Star Micronics has developed a new model of Swiss type automatic lathe SD-26 that is able to machine workpieces with a diameter of up to 26 mm. The model is mainly intended for machining complex shaped parts for the automotive, hydraulic/pneumatic equipment and medical industries. The SD-26 automatic lathe has a portal-type tool post with transverse guides that evenly distribute the load. They are placed on the front/back machining post around the guide bush which is the machining point for various tools such as turning tools and drill bits. Equipped with a 4-cavity face milling unit with a controlled rotary axis of the tool (axis B), with the possibility of simultaneous control in 5 programmable axes. The upper section has one cassette-type position with a second B-axis mechanism that can provide rotation control for a dedicated tooling assembly. Various types of tooling assemblies can be fitted, including the world's first dual swirl threading assembly.

Mechatronic ladder


A globally innovative product that will allow users to work at heights even more safely. The Metalkas mechatronic ladder, thanks to the built-in spirit level, determines the exact level of the ladder's inclination, both when setting it up and during operation. This ensures not only safety, but also comfort and efficiency of operations. Our ladder is a pioneering technology in the global aluminum ladder market.

ENKi System

GG TECH POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

ENKi System was designed in response to the needs of our customers. Increasingly high quality requirements for products force more and more precise and numerous inspections with maximum emphasis on automating these activities. The Enki system fills the gap between manual measurement of the so-called gauge and the CMM coordinate machine while increasing the accuracy and speed of measurement in relation to manual measurement. This is how the idea of automatic control in the production line of up to 100% of manufactured products, the so-called In Line Measurement, was born.

3D 3 GEN head.

Ajan Elektronic Serwis SAN. / Ajan Polska

AJAN POLSKA has been present on the Polish market since 2009. Since then, it can boast of nearly 600 machines implemented in plasma and laser technology. The main recipients of our machines are the largest manufacturing companies, as well as sole proprietorships. Our great advantage is the fact that we manufacture our machines on our own, so we have a real impact on their development or capabilities. All machines are under the care of an authorised service. One of our options is the 3D head, which in 2023 has its successor in the form of the 3D 3Gen head. The previous 2 generations have been implemented in Poland nearly 100 times. This number, and the fact that customers buy more heads, proves high trust and satisfaction with the product.

FSW head

Stirweld / TECHNIKA SPAWALNICZA Sp. z o.o.

The Stirweld FSW head ensures a direct increase in the technological potential of companies from the aviation, railway, metalworking industries, as well as scientific institutes. The FSW Stirweld technology allows you to reduce the costs of implementing the technology compared to solutions of other companies based on GUNTRY-type gantry machine tools, and the process itself allows you to reduce the unfavourable factors occurring during welding such as welding stresses and strains. By carrying out the joining process using FSW Stirweld, we achieve a high-class connection with high strength, tightness and aesthetics.


UIBS Teamwork Skowron Fiegler Sp. k.

IPOsystem (version 24.0000) is the latest generation of an autonomous decision-making system for production management with an extensive algorithm based on narrow artificial intelligence. The latest version of IPOsystem has a number of new functions, extensions and improvements, significantly increasing the functionality and ease of use of the system. The most important innovations include: operation of the system on mobile devices, the possibility of full simulation of production execution and scenario generation, identification of production details and traceability, full integration with other commonly used ERP systems, improved optimization of machine changeovers, generation of labels and marking, improved continuous supervision over the progress (MES function), extended and visually improved data analyses and new language versions.

Laser Regius 3015 AJ 6KW

AMADA Sp. z o.o.

THE NEXT LEVEL IN LASER CUTTING. Regius Laser with its Variable Beam Control, Auto Collimation and LIS autonomous systems, sets a new standard in laser cutting. It combines proven Variable Beam Control and Auto Collimation technologies with ultra-fast linear drives on all 3 axes to provide a machine capable of extremely high productivity. Utilizing a laser source designed and manufactured in-house, REGIUS-AJ also introduces several new features specifically designed to enhance machine autonomy. Processes such as nozzle centering, protective glass monitoring, lens monitoring, autonomous collision recovery, autonomous change of cutting conditions.

TruMatic 6000 (K05) laser punch machine TruFlow 2700 W CO2 resonator

TRUMPF POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

The TruMatic 6000 (K05) sets new standards for dual-system machines. Our customers have at their disposal a machine that enables the combined processing of complex contours, meets the strictest safety requirements, and is easy to use, economical even in the production of short series, with high quality and reliability.

Industrial linea castors

TENTE Sp. z o.o.

The industrial linea is a professional castor that meets the needs of the most demanding manufacturers. Ergonomic design for industry. Double wheel with excellent maneuverability and extremely low rolling resistance. High quality materials, polyurethane tread and a tight construction for long-term use. On request, we mark the product with a print or engraving, e.g. a logo. Individual elements of the wheelset can be made in any colour, which facilitates quick identification of the devices.

Microset VIO 20|50 linear


It is a device designed for precise measurements of cutting tools used in both metal and wood processing, enabling at the same time the transfer and archiving of measurement results. Proven cast iron construction combined with state-of-the-art software allows for precise, repeatable and fast measurements. The friendly interface allows all users to use the most advanced functions, thanks to their intuitive location. An extensive range of additional options enabling the measurement of the most complex elements such as angle heads, tools for gears, etc. allows potential users to expand the device in the future with the necessary options.

M2 Vertical machining centre

FAMOT Pleszew Sp. z o.o. / DMG MORI Polska Sp. z o.o.

The M2 machine tool is characterised by high rigidity and reliability. Thanks to the compact design, the M2 will be used both in small enterprises and large production plants. The latest SINUMERIK ONE control and touch control panel ensure easy operation. The M2 combines the uncompromising quality of DMG MORI machines, high performance and a competitive price, which translates into reduced manufacturing costs in our customers' enterprises.

T1 CNC lathe

FAMOT Pleszew Sp. z o.o. / DMG MORI Polska Sp. z o.o.

The T1 is the new benchmark in the CNC lathe segment. The machine tool is characterisd by high rigidity, which allows for efficient turning machining, and accuracy thanks to the use of a direct measuring system in the X axis as standard. High versatility makes the T1 suitable for both small enterprises and large production plants. The latest SINUMERIK ONE control and touch control panel ensure easy operation.

TruLaser 5030 fibre (L76) laser cutting machine with TruDisk 24001 W resonator

TRUMPF POLSKA Spółka z o.o. Sp.k.

At this year's ITM 2023, TRUMPF will present the TruLaser 5030 fiber laser cutter with twice the laser power. We equipped the TruLaser 5030 with a 24 kW laser. Thanks to the doubled laser power, we have achieved an increase in machine productivity by up to 80 percent - the machine processes elements up to three times faster. Depending on the material and the use of cutting gases. The machine easily cuts elements with a sheet thickness of up to 60 millimetres, maintaining very good contour quality.

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