Gold medal MODERNLOG 2024


PRODUCTS AWARDED THE MODERNLOG GOLD MEDAL 2024 Listed alphabetically by product name. All prizes awarded are equivalent. Vote for, in your opinion, the best proposal of the year 2024 - the product with the highest number of votes will receive an additional award - the Gold Medal Consumer's Choice of the MODERNLOG trade fair.

CVP Everest

The CVP Everest is a machine that produces fit-to-size packages at a speed of up to 1,100 packages/hour. The product(s) to be packaged, after being measured with a 3D scanner, are packed in a box without a lid, then transported by conveyors to a second machine module which, in the meantime, also creates a lid for the package, which is also made to size, then, using hot-melt adhesive, the machine glues the perfectly fitting lid onto the order box. The box is extremely robust due to its bottom+ lid construction (Fefco 300). The lowest possible box height (inside) is ~ 2.2cm. Please note, the smallest Everest CVP boxes, due to their minimum size, are treated as letter mail in most EU countries, significantly reducing postage costs. The CVP system also comes in a hybrid option (see appendix), which opens up further new possibilities for the user. CVP Everest is fully integrated with the customer's WMS, so it prints and sticks shipping labels at the end of the cycle.

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CVP Impack

The CVP Impack is an in-line machine that produces made-to-measure cardboard boxes at a speed of up to 500 packs/hour. The box, which structurally resembles a typical flap box (Fefco 201) secured with adhesive tape on both its sides. The item(s) to be packaged, after being accurately measured using a 3D scanner, is ‘rolled’ in one production cycle into a perfectly cut to size cardboard box. Lowest box height (inside) ~ 10 cm. Once the package has been produced, CVP Impack prints and applies the appropriate shipping label downloaded from the customer's WMS. The machine is fully integrated with the customer's WMS.

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Sonixs TR-Connect binding machine

SoniXs TR-Connect Automatic binding machine with applications providing remote access SoniXs TR-Connect is a versatile machine for fully automatic processes. The integrated WebHMI provides insight into machine data such as availability, quality and performance. Tailored recipes can be defined for frequently handled products. As an option, it is possible to automatically change binding settings via interface sensors. In advanced applications, the Mosca Digital package allows the status of the machine to be checked via mobile devices. The open OPC UA interface is SoniXs TR-Connect communication with many types of machines and systems.

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Sky Storage - Automated Storage System

Sky Storage is an advanced, integrated warehouse automation solution that combines the technologies offered by Reesink Logistic Solutions: Movu Robotics' Atlas Shuttle 2D system and Geek+, a system of autonomous mobile robots. Sky Storage provides increased efficiency, storage capacity and operational flexibility in warehouse environments. It integrates Movu's Atlas pallet transport technology for high-density storage and retrieval at multiple levels with Geek+'s goods-to-person autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Sky Storage works well in both B2B and B2C operations, supporting a wide range of item sizes for picking and storage. It allows the seamless addition of robots to scale operations, integrates with intelligent hardware for automated smart storage and maximises storage space while ensuring high picking efficiency. Designed with flexibility and growth in mind, Sky Storage is ideal for companies looking to optimise their warehouse operations through automation.

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Wearable Task Assistant

Increase productivity, minimise errors and improve picking ergonomics with the Wearable Task Assistant (WTA). WTA is an innovative wrist device that makes picking easier. A wireless scanner, pick-and-place support and an easy-to-read wrist display ensure a fast and error-free picking process. The system guides the operator, saving time and energy, while its advanced security features protect data and ensure reliable operation.

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