Sparck Technologies invites you to MODERNLOG


Sparck Technologies is a global provider of automated 3D packaging solutions.

Automated fit-to-size packaging technology fits, designs and labels any custom order, creating the perfect package and eliminating the need for space-filling materials to keep pace with the growing number of online orders, even during peak hours.

Using 3D scanning technology, Sparck’s automated packaging systems fit, construct, weigh and label each individual order in just a few seconds, regardless of whether it consists of single or multiple products. CVP Impack packs up to 500 orders per hour. With a cycle time of just three seconds, the CVP Everest can handle up to 20 packing stations — constructing up to 1,100 sized boxes per hour. Using CVP’s automated packaging solution ensures every order is packed into the smallest package, reducing shipping costs and labor dependency. Founded in 1924, Sparck strives to make every parcel sent by customers an ambassador for their brand.

The company invites you to participate in MODERNLOG:

Do you want to speed up your order fulfillment? Automation is key! Discover the latest 3D packaging machines for e-commerce. Join Sparck Technologies at the ModernLog stand and meet our packaging expert Robert Kostera.