Towards Smart Warehouse


Two days of substantive knowledge, current issues, current challenges, experienced experts from well-known brands and interesting discussions − this is what this year’s Smart Warehouse conference, scheduled on 1-2 June as part of the Modernlog fair in Poznań, promises to be. Among the speakers there will appear representatives of: ABB, Europa Systems, FANUC, Geek+, GXO, Last Mile Experts, PSI Polska, PSML, Łukasiewicz-PIT and many others.

The Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage is ahead of us, and you will be able to take part in it from 31 May to 3 June in Poznań. This year’s programme of the event abounds in expert meetings, but its most recognisable point is the Smart Warehouse conference. It is on its stage that experts in the field of intelligent warehouses, process automation and robotisation, data digitisation and internal transport meet to share their knowledge and experience with trade fair guests. The upcoming edition of Smart Warehouse, however, will be different than the previous ones, the organisers are developing the concept of the meeting with a networking zone, free consultations, and a partner stage.

E-commerce logistics for the opening of the conference

For the first time on one stage, Arkadiusz Kawa (Łukasiewicz-PIT), Mirek Gral (Last Mile Experts) and Damian Kołata (Cushman&Wakefield) will appear in a joint discussion − their conversation on e-commerce logistics will start this year’s edition of the Smart Warehouse conference.

− We buy more and more often, greater quantities of more and more diverse products and we have ever higher requirements as to the terms of order fulfilment, and logistics often determines the purchasing decisions of online customers. It must be flexible, fast, cheap and ecological − comments Marta Cudziło (Łukasiewicz-PIT), moderator of the e-commerce logistics panel. Are logistics operators able to meet all these requirements? What solutions dominate in the area of warehousing and last mile in e-commerce? What additional services does the customer expect, does it always have to be ‘asap’ and how much ‘green’ do you have to be to convince an increasingly demanding customer? We will talk about it in the panel opening the Smart Warehouse conference − announces Marta Cudziło.


The discussion opening the conference will be followed by discussions about technologies. The first will be led by Artur Olejniczak (WSL), who, together with the guests, will assess digitisation in the context of the human factor and ecology, its impact on reducing the costs of the organisation’s functioning and intralogistics processes. The #IoT_digitisation panel speakers include Jerzy Danisz (PSI Polska), Donata Hermann (GIGLIKE, PSML), Rafał Biegała (SICK) and Krzysztof Roszyk (MW Logistics), Krzysztof Janczukowicz (Miele).

The development of the e-commerce sector is still driving the construction of new facilities that are more ecological and employee-friendly. The growing costs of construction and operation, shrinking land banks and difficult access to warehouse workers are becoming a challenge for the market − says Artur Olejniczak, moderator of the #IoT_digitisation panel. The answer to some of them is digitisation and implementation of IoT solutions. In order to maintain the high competitiveness of the TFL industry, there is no other way than subjecting the organisation to a digital transformation − summarises the representative of WSL.


The second panel planned for the first day of the conference is #automatic_storage_systems. It will be led by Magda Libiszewska and Dominik Jańczak (Logistics Manager). Where are we today in terms of the time and cost of implementation and the choice of automatic storage systems? What is the cost of their operation and what is the chance of lowering the cost with rising energy prices? How does the decision to invest in automatic storage systems affect the need to build qualified teams of employees and where to look for them? These are just a few issues that will be raised by the moderators and their guests. Among the speakers are Aleksander Milon (GXO) and Krzysztof Małek (Europa Systems), Kamil Szymański (Space4Logistics). 

2nd day of the Smart Warehouse & #agv_robots conference

The second day of the Smart Warehouse conference will begin with the speech of Krzysztof Maśny, a well-known expert who can boast 25 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management, ‘Automation. What is the game about and how to play it?’. We will hear the answer to this question on 2 June at the Modernlog fair.

And Ilona Miziewicz-Groszczyk (Europa Systems) invites you to participate in the #agv_robots discussion panel. Claus Folke (Geek+) on stage for the first time in Poland. He will be accompanied by Mateusz Gołębiowski (OMRON), Artur Thomas (Jungheinrich Polska), Michał Furmański (ABB) and Mateusz Amroziński (FANUC). The discussed issues include key areas in the warehouse, what can be robotised and when it pays off, how to finance innovations in robotisation, next-generation autonomous transport or palletisation − industrial robots and cobots.


Piotr Sędziak (Orbico Supply) will ask his speakers about ROI traps in automation, designing automation systems and the impact of armed conflict on supply chains as part of the #internal_transport_technologies panel.

The dynamics of changes in our environment in recent months has significantly accelerated, although a year ago it seemed that the level of challenges in logistics was at a record level. Political instability, covid and post-covid situation, the related further destabilisation of supply chains and the escalation of challenges in the field of providing materials and employees in logistics, along with the explosion of inflation and cost pressure, create a mixture with an unprecedented impact on the area of logistics − explains Piotr Sędziak, #internal_transport_technologies panel moderator. − How to shape in such an environment decisions regarding the optimisation of logistics processes and their automation, what factors should be taken into account and what to be more aware of − about these matters, e.g. we will want to talk during the panel on internal transport technology, to which you are cordially invited.

The conference days will end with presentations on the stage of partners (including PSI Polska, WDX, Hardis Group, Geek+) and networking in a specially designed zone, where you will be able to consult the experts present on the spot.

The Smart Warehouse conference is an integral part of the MODERNLOG fair (Poznań, 31 May − 3 June), which is considered the most important meeting of the logistics sector in Poland for a reason. It offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in the industry, current offer of companies, as well as to exchange professional experience and hold trade talks. ITM Industry Europe, SUBCONTRACTING Industrial Cooperation Fair and FOCAST Foundry Forum will be held simultaneously.